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Rhodes - The destination 

Rhodes is a fascinated collage of deep blue skies, with glorious year-round sunshine, turquoise waters, golden sandy shores and historic beauty. Bounded by the majestic mountain ranges of the inland and edged by a spectacular coastline, Rhodes is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, historical sites and ancient cities, golden beaches and rich culture. Rhodes Town is a marvellous place to start the voyage of discovery. Admire the imperial buildings of the Knights, the moats with the suspension bridges, the Byzantine churches and the mosques. Planned in 408 BC, Rhodes town is a mixture of Byzantine, Turkish and Latin architecture. Experience the timeless spirit of ancient Rhodes by visiting Lindos, a village where brilliant white houses climb the hill from the bay to the cliff top to find the Acropolis. Previously inhabited by Romans, Byzantines, Turks and Italians, Lindos reflects an amazing melange of influences dating back to 3000 B.C.For nature lovers, there are spectacular ways to explore the verdant unspoilt natural beauty of the island. Take a jeep to the mountain villages of Vati and Lahania with the ancient windmills, tiled roofed houses and monasteries. Wander among the colourful villages and finish off your trip with wine tasting in the village of Embona or a ceramic workshop in Archangelos. Admire a panorama of the high peaks and roam through the Valley of the Butterflies and the 7 springs. Lush green forests, meandering rives, the gentle gurgle of streams and the kaleidoscope of flora and fauna offer a unique blend of sights, sounds and experiences that will fascinate you. The stunning sandy beaches of Rhodes are a paradise escapade. Relax and soak up the sun on the long stretches of golden sand of the east coast or unveil the undiscovered rocky beaches of the west. For the more adventurous, your quest for excitement will lead you to scuba diving in the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, where you will discover a new underwater world of pretty reefs, shallow dips, deep walls and little critters.




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