Two happy ‘incidences’ in the horizon

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Two happy incidences are overlooking the horizon of cruise that concern analysts and users of port installations which are interested in the developments in eastern Mediterranean. More specifically and due to the crisis in the political and economic domain in eastern Mediterranean as well as the decision of many cruise corporations to stop in the Greek islands and not go further is the first crucial incidence. It seems that tour operators who are specialized in marine tourism are informed about the last news.However this change might create a significant gap as it is known that the cruise clients choose the cruise according to the destinations that the ship approaches, something that tour operators know very well.The greek tourism can take advantage of the last developments, however this depends on the estimations and flexibility of the tour operators. The other incidence that is very significant has to do with the Chinese company COSCO that operates in the port of Pireus. The company has the intention to exploit the last terminal of the port and dedicate it to cruise.The Chinese group according to the newspaper «Ε της Κυριακής» is about to contact the giants of international cruise, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean και Celebrity Cruises which possess 82 % of the global market, in order to start their operation in the Aegean sea and use the port of Pireus as a home port.It’s worth mentioning that there is constant conflict from the side of the production department as the income from cruise that concerns the local economies is limited because Greece was not appropriate for home- porting but also because the local economies have not been developed adequately.Also the efforts that have been done until now have to do with the management of ports which approach the ships and the management of the productive classes without a prior planning.